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Find a role that rewards your hard work and is the best fit for your career.

We know you’ve worked hard and are focused on your ambition. Our resources, upskilling and screening ensures that you will be rewarded for your efforts to learn and grow professionally.

We value you, our candidates. You are not just a number to us. We want you to feel connected, engaged, interested, curious, growth focused and secure. We make sure as one of our candidates you know you are one of our family and that we are interested in your mental and physical health as well as your success.

We make the following promises to you:

We Keep You in the Know

Our initial contact is informative to keep you interested. You need to know what the role entails, the specific reasons we are reaching out to you and how much you will be remunerated.

We know you can’t make an educated decision about your employment unless you have all the information, so we make sure you’re getting it.

We Provide Opportunities for Employment in Safe and Friendly Workplaces

We have a huge amount of experience and contacts with employers in the civil and construction industry. Saying that, we are selective of the employers we have on our books. When we put employers on our books, they must be focused on your safety and also provide a culture that is inclusive and something to be proud of.

We examine our client base for employers that will provide opportunities and professional development for you. We know you want high-quality opportunities and we invest more effort in identifying those hard-to-find but perfect fits. We provide a strong and valuable array of opportunities, focusing on your personality, specialities and strengths.

We Provide Security and Stability

We know that you need consistency. We won’t ‘set it and forget it’ when you are hired and say, ‘job done’.

Building long-term relationships is key for us to improve your candidate experience. You won’t have to start all over again every time we interact with you and we will be the ones reaching out when your assignment is coming to an end, not you! We will do our very best to minimise any downtime for you between engagements.

We Communicate More Effectively

According to recent surveys, almost 50% of candidates feel like they are in the dark too often when working with a recruitment agency. At Starc Resources we will make sure you know how the hiring process is going or what the next steps are. If you have given your valuable time to go to an interview with one of our clients, you will always be contacted regardless of if you were successful or not. We’ll give you the help and support you need. We’ll make sure you know you are valued.

Human contact is critical to our process. Leaving people in the dark is not only just rude, it is also bad business. We make sure you get the follow-up you deserve after making contact with our friendly and committed team members. We know that continuous communication will boost our understanding of you and help us find out the key skills and qualities that you have to offer.

We Want to Help You Grow

We do more than simply finding you job opportunities and interviews. We provide avenues and opportunities to up-skill and enhance your chances.

We can help you become a better version of yourself and give you the tools to communicate that better version in your interviews.

We Keep it Interesting

We know you want to be challenged and to be engaged in projects that keep your skills relevant and give you an opportunity to achieve more. We are always looking to provide dynamic opportunities you really want.

In addition to more opportunity, we know you are hoping to get exciting work. No one wants a boring job, and it’s important that the roles we offer keep you interested and provide opportunities for your individual growth. We are not focused on bulk placements or churning through filled positions. We consider you, the individual’s, long-term prospects.