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Let’s be honest, the word ‘recruitment agency’ has been known to be teamed with a sigh of exasperation. All too often, business owners and job seekers are treated like numbers and as a means to an end in filling quotas. CV’s are hurled at the business owner until something sticks; promises to call-back applicants fail time and time again, and a lack of due diligence in understanding the jobs recruiting for results in poor outcomes.

We want to make this a thing of the past and showcase the world of recruitment for what it really should be – The opportunity for employees to find a job they’ve always wanted and employers to have that awesome new addition to their team, with zero hassle.

2% of applicants get an interview. Make sure you’re choosing the right one

Employers have told us that sometimes as many as 75% of applicants for a given role aren’t actually qualified to do it.

Experts say that only an even smaller fraction than that are selected for an interview. “98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening and only the “Top 2%” of candidates make it to the interview”.

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